Plier Set, 4pcs

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Professional Plier Set, 4pcs
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Whirlpower Professional Quality Tools

Ready-to-Fit tool trolley/drawer tray
Tray Size: (L) 363 x (W) 130 x (H) 48mm

Extra Strong Cutting Edge
Heat treated jaws and cutting edges to increase service life, grip & cutting performance (HRC 60°)

Design & Power
Bi-material ergonomic handle design for better grip, comfort and power transmission
Chrome molybdenum alloy steel
Anti-Corrosion clear coat finish

Set Contents:

1 15601-321-180   Combination Pliers, 180mm, DIN5746, ISO5746
1 15602-211-200   Long Nose Pliers, 200mm, DIN5745
1 15603-211-200   Bent Long Nose Pliers, 200mm, DIN5745
1 15604-21-180    HD Side cutters, Diagonal Nippers, 180mm, DIN5749


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