Screwdriver Set, 10pcs

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Screwdriver Set, 10pcs

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The Blade
Silicon Alloy Steel blade (S2)
Hex bolstered and hexagon shank on the 6 larger sized screwdrivers
High strength silicone alloy steel blade
Hardened Tip with Phosphate finish to prevent tip rust

Ergonomic design handle made of bi-component materials, provides a comfortable grip.
High torque grip and torque generation transmission.
Hexagonal neck to prevent from rolling away.

Screwdriver Set Contents:
 Slotted Round Shank
3.0 x 75mm  (S111-6-07530)
3.5 x 100mm  (S111-6-10035)
4.0 x 100mm (S111-6-10040)

 Slotted Hex Shank
5.5 x 125mm  (S111-4-712555)
6.5 x 150mm  (S111-4-715065)
8.0 x 175mm (S111-4-717580)

 Phillips Round Shank
No.0 x 60mm   (S112-3-0600)

 Phillips Hex Shank
No.1 x 80mm   (S112-4-0801)
No.2 x 100mm (S112-4-1002)
No.3 x 150mm (S112-4-1503)
Plastic Tray (L) 420 x (W) 179 x (H) 48mm

DIN ISO 2380, Silicon Alloy Steel (S2), Satin Chrome finish




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