Universal fitting STRETCH™ CV Boots
When quality, fit and reliability matter... STRETCH™
2 Year / 40,000km Warranty

  • CV Boot replacement on the vehicle in minutes
  • Saves time & increases profits
  • Saves driveshafts & reduces emissions
  • Universal fitting one size fits most vehicles including inner and outer cv boots

Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional CV boot replacement methods. With STRETCH CV Boots, you can now enjoy the convenience of expandable CV boots that can be effortlessly fitted in a matter of seconds. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, we've got you covered with two easy and efficient options:

  1. Professional Installation: Utilise our air-operated CV boot tool for a seamless and speedy CV boot replacement. This tool is designed for professional mechanics who require a quick and efficient solution for their customers.

  2. DIY Enthusiast's Delight: We also offer a simple DIY CV Boot Fitting Cone that allows you to slide and expand the boot effortlessly over the reusable fitting cone tool. It's the perfect choice for those who want to take matters into their own hands and save time and money on costly shop visits.

For best CV Boot clamping results we recommend using a proper clamping tool such as our Ear-Type Clamping Tool. See YouTube videos below for how to use the ear clamp tool or see how to replace a cv boot.

STRETCH CV Boot kits / Axle Boots are suitable for all vehicles including Quad & ATV CV Boots including, CFMoto, Artic Cat, Can-Am, Polaris, Passenger Vehicles, 4WD's and more... We have a Constant Velocity Joint boot for almost any vehicle or application.

*Always check size guide to be sure your selected cv boot kit is suitable for your application.

Replacing CV Boots before they fail increases the life of CV Joints, drive shafts, reduces repair costs, increases workshop profitability and reduces unwanted greenhouse emissions.

Don’t ignore or just note a perished or worn CV boot. Replacing the shaft after the boot has failed is never the best option. Do the work now and replace the CV boot. You may never have the opportunity or see the vehicle again so do the repair today. In doing so you will be keeping the high-quality genuine driveshaft on the vehicle. (Genuine shafts are always better quality and will last longer than the not so cheap replacement shafts sold in parts stores and online.) If you run a workshop, here's a chance to boost your bottom line, enhance workshop efficiency, and, in the process, spare your customers from potential future costly repairs by preserving and servicing their genuine driveshafts.



Genuine STRETCH™ CV Boots

With STRETCH™ CV Boots you can replace CV Joint Boots on the vehicle in minutes. STRETCH™ CV Boots are specifically made for use on our air operated CV Boot installation tool, but can also be fitted using traditional CV Boot replacement methods. STRETCH™ CV Boots suit over 97% of passenger vehicles, 4×4’s, Trucks, SUV’s, ATV’s/Quad bikes and are guaranteed not to split on any CV Boot tool!
All STRETCH™ CV Boots are supplied with CV Joint grease and a pair of high quality ear-type stainless steel clamps. STRETCH CV Boots are available as a single boot kit or in an economical trade pack for the professional workshop. Click here to see why you should replace your CV Boots.

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CVS-11 CV Boot

CVS-11 Standard CV Boot

Our most popular STRETCH™ Universal fitting CV Boot kit.
Typically referred to as our "Standard" size  CV Boot. This expandable cv boot is suitable for use on over 95% of passenger vehicles as well as many 4x4's, Trucks, SUV's and ATV CV Boot & Quad bike boots.
Click image for boot size dimensions.

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CVS-22 CV Boot

CVS-22 Large CV Boot

Larger size STRETCH™ Universal fitting CV Joint Boot kit.
This CVS-22 expandable cv boot is suitable for vehicles with larger CV Joints as well as many lifted or raised vehicles.

Our #1 selling boot for raised vehicles! The combination of high-grade stretch material and our universal fitting design allows clamping of the small end of the boot in multiple positions along the shaft to avoid bellow rub. Bellows constantly rubbing together is the main cause of boot failure on raised vehicles.
Click image for boot size dimensions.

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CVS-22 CV Boot

CVS-33 X-Large CV Boot

Extra Large size STRETCH™ Universal fitting CV Joint Boot kit (Wider and Shorter)
A larger diameter than our CVS-22 but not as tall. Suitable for vehicles with extra large size CV joint diameters like 100 series Land Cruisers, some large delivery vans etc.
Click image for boot size dimensions.

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Air operatated CV Boot installation tool
Made in UK - Lightweight construction
Available in 2 models:
DURAGUN opens boots to maximum ø1
DURAGUNPRO opens boots to maximum ø155mm
Reduces fitting time to approximately 20 minutes