9H Ceramic Sheild Coating Kit


Ceramic-quartz long-term sealant

Normfest ceramic-quartz long-term sealing forms a permanent bond with the paint surface and protects against environmental influences, chemicals (pH between 2 and 12), corrosion, dirt and UV rays. The long-term sealing is applied to the paint surface and thus ensures a scratch- resistant (degree of hardness 9h) and dirt-repellent surface. The service life of the prepared paint surface is increased and the degree of gloss is protected. The perfect long-term protection that covers the body like a second skin and lasts for up to 3 years. Ultimate sealing 9H protective layer for the paint Long-term protection up to 3 years hydrophobic and dirt-repellent increased service life of the paint.

30ml  Ceramic Sheild 9h in protective UV Blue Glass bottle
185ml “Surface Control” highly effective cleaner & degreaser in pump buttle
Application glass pippet / dropper
Application block
3x Dust-binding cloths, light blue, 30 x 38cm
2x Silk application cloths, 12 x 12cm
2x Microfibre cloths, turquoise, 40 x 40cm
1x Pair disposable gloves
Application instructions booklet
Genuine Normfest™ Proof of Ceramic Coating dot sticker

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