Non-Woven Abrasive Conditioning Balls


Conditioning Surfacing Balls with 6mm shank
Available as  2″ & 3″ balls

Non-Woven abrasive buffing and polishing balls with a steel shank. Compatible with any drill chuck or other tool with a 6mm shank holder. Perfect for polishing irregular shapes, interior tubes, gasket removal, robust scrubbing, and eliminating rust and scale.

Available surfacing grades of:
Blue / Fine (good for most alloys and aluminium materials and surfaces)
Red / Medium (good for steel and most ferrous materials and surfaces)
Yellow / Coarse (good for hard steels and other ferrous materials)

Maximum operating speed: 5,000rpm

(Click here for compatible PTW Die Grinder)

Made in Taiwan using High-Quality EU non-woven abrasive
Suitable for use on die grinders at lower speeds & drills

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