20pc Set, 50mm & 75mm, 1/2 Turn “n”  Lock

Clean off gaskets, Grind welding, Remove rust, Strip off paints, *Polishing of headlights and paints.

Replacement surfacing discs, backing pads, clean & strip discs, polish sponges and backing pad conversion kits all available.

Free speed 7,100 rpm
Air pressure 90psi
Noise: 83 dB
Weight: 0.66kg

1x 50mm 3M Green X50 Roloc Bristle Disc
1x 50mm Rubber Backing pad
1x 50mm Blue (Fine) disc
2x 50mm Red (Medium)disc
2x 50mm Yellow (Coarse) disc
1x 75mm Rubber Backing pad
1x 75mm Blue (Fine) disc
2x 75mm Red (Medium) disc
2x 75mm Yellow (Coarse) disc
2x 50mm Rip-N-Strip Disc
2x 75mm Rip-N-Strip Disc
1x Nitto style connector
1x Spindle adapter
1x Wrench
1x Blow moulded case

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The FLEX-HEAD MINI SANDER & SURFACER  features an adjustable head that offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing the user to angle the head to fit snugly into virtually any narrow space or specific scenario. This adaptability not only enables the tool to access hard-to-reach areas but also allows for customisation to the user’s preferred grip and handling style.

Equipped with a 360° rotating air exhaust, this design affords complete control over the direction of exhaust output, ensuring a more comfortable and controlled working environment.

The tool offers a three-speed air control, accessible via the trigger, providing versatility and precision for various tasks. Its composite housing is notably lightweight, enhancing user comfort during extended use.

For added safety, the tool incorporates a safety-lock feature on the trigger, preventing accidental activation.

Designed for versatility, the angle disc sander comes with both 50mm and 75mm roloc type pads, making it ideal for a wide range of sanding tasks, particularly in compact or challenging areas.

The set is complete with an assortment of surfacing discs, backing pads, and a 3M Bristle disc, ensuring you have all you need for a variety of surface treatment tasks. The innovative FLEX-HEAD design of this tool marks a significant advancement in the realm of Mini-Sanders, offering exceptional suitability for surface processing in difficult-to-access areas, rust removal, weld cleaning, paint stripping, gasket removal, adhesive and sealant residue elimination, and much more.

For those requiring more intensive grinding or sanding capabilities, this tool is fully compatible with our PTW Zirconia Sanding Discs and Long Life Zirconia Flap Discs, catering to heavier-duty requirements with ease.