Flap Discs (Zirconia)- 1/2 Turn Roloc Style


Long-Life Zirconia Flap Discs 1/2 turn (Roloc style)
Available in 2″/50mm & 3″/75mm Discs

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Made in Taiwan using High-Quality Japanese Zirconia abrasive
Suitable for use on the PTW Mini Sander and all other 1/2 turn & roloc style backing pads

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PTW Flap discs are zirconia abrasive discs used for metal finishing, grinding and sanding. Unlike standard flat abrasive discs, made from a flat sheet of a coated abrasive, PTW flap discs are made of multiple overlapping pieces of abrasive zirconia ‘flaps‘, bonded to a central hub Roloc style hub. These flaps increase grinding efficency while also extending the life of the disc.

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