Go-Thru Screwdriver Set, 6pcs


Go-Thru Screwdriver Set, 6pcs

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The Blade
Full length Silicon Alloy Steel blade (S2) with metal end cap
Hex bolstered and hexagon shank
High strength silicone alloy steel blade
Hardened Tip with Phosphate finish to prevent tip rust

Ergonomic design handle made of bi-component materials, provides a comfortable grip.
High torque grip and torque generation transmission.
Hexagonal neck to prevent from rolling away.

Screwdriver Set Contents:
 Slotted Hex Shank
5.5 x 125mm  (S111-5-712555)
6.5 x 150mm  (S111-5-715065)
8.0 x 175mm (S111-5-717580)

 Phillips Hex Shank
No.1 x 80mm   (S112-5-70801)
No.2 x 100mm (S112-5-71002)
No.3 x 150mm (S112-5-71503)
Plastic Tray (L) 460 x (W) 100 x (H) 30mm

DIN ISO 2380, Silicon Alloy Steel (S2), Satin Chrome finish

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