Off-Shore Silver (ABS Safe)


ABS Safe, Anti-seize, High-temp, High-pressure lubricant
400ml Aerosol or 200g paste in pressurised cartridge 
High-performance releasing agent and assembly grease. It prevents fusing, wear, corrosion and rust on brake systems, shift linkages, throttle control rods, clutch linkages, slide rails, friction type bearings, wire ropes, chains exposed to high temperatures, gear wheels, bolts, threads and seats.
– Special lubricant that provides reliable adhesion at high temperatures
– Condensation, splash and saltwater proof
– Excellent instant & long term lubrication
– ABS safe with excellent heat conduction
– Helps prevent brake squeal
– High-pressure & high-temp stability -up to +1400ºC
– Resistant to salt & hot water
– Water repellent with optimal anti-corrosion protection
– Metal Free & Silicone Free
– Extremely high pressure lubricant
– Cold flow properties guaranteed

Do not apply to friction surfaces