REPOS – Professional Plastic Repair System



Two-Component  plastic polyurethane system
3x Different REPOS adhesives available

2700-10 REPOS Plastic Repair
2700-15 REPOS Fast Plastic Repair
2700-20 REPOS MMA Plastic & Metal Repair
Also available in the options below: mixing rods/nozzles, cartridge gun, adhesion primer and Repos starter set.

Bumpers, Motorcycle Fairings, Interior Components, Trim Repairs, Plastic clips, Sun-Visors, Bikes, Toys and more…  Can be tapped, drilled, cut, sanded and painted.

Technical note:
Adhesion problems in individual cases may arise due to release agents or coatings used in some plastic production processes. Not suitable for PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) or PTFE (polytetrafluor ethylene) plastics. Check material compatibility on an invisible area if necessary. For full adhesion always use Normfest HR150 Adhesive Cleaner & Primer #2700-36