Silicone Remover


Silicon Remover
400ml Aerosol

-Suitable for all cleaning tasks prior to and after painting, e.g. tar spatter, diesel exhaust particles, etc.

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This silicone remover is based on a mixture of active substances especially aimed at dissolving silicone oils before and during painting. It strengthens adhesion and eliminates grease, oil, silicone, wax and dirt quickly and easily from old paintwork, bare sheet metal and plastics.

Application: Apply the silicone remover to parts or sections of the bodywork and wipe off again with a clean, lint-free cloth without further evaporation time. Check the material for compatibility before use. We provide this information to the best of our knowledge based on our tests and experience. Given the multitude of applications, however, and the effects of storage and usage conditions that are beyond our control, we are unable to assume liability for the results of the product’s use in individual cases. We always recommend carrying out your own tests.