PTW ™ rewards you with the introduction of  PTW TOOL COIN TOKENS on a number of eligible products now available.

Look for and collect these coin tokens and save them up for the tool or tools of your choice.

Some products will always be eligible with coins, while others will only have coins on them for limited periods of time. So be sure to ask or check out the list of currently Eligible Products that reward you with tokens for every purchase.

Simply tear out or cut off the printed PTW TOKENS from each eligible product and save them up.

Claiming your FREE tools

  • Once you have enough saved to cover the cost of your chosen tool or tools.
  • Print off and fill in the PTW TOOL TOKEN CLAIM FORM
  • Return the completed form and the correct amount of tokens for your chosen tool or tools directly to us or via your usual PTW supplier or sales representative.
  • Then, sit back and wait for your free tools to arrive!

*General Conditions and or Exclusions

The PTW TOOL TOKEN CLAIM FORM  must be used to claim any free tools using PTW Tokens. Claims received without this form will not be processed.

PTW TOOL COIN TOKENS can only be used for the purchase of Whirlpower & PTW Tools. Air operated CV Tool, Chemicals, abrasives, servicing and other consumable products cannot be purchased using tokens. Tools on special or clearance prices may not be eligible for purchasing with tool tokens. If unsure, please check with your representative for eligible products.

Tools are delivered via your regular supplier or representative, they are not shipped direct.

You will need to pay for shipping if you want any tools shipped directly to you or if you are in a location that does not have a regular distributor or sales representative cover.

Full cost of tools must be covered by the tokens, we cannot accept any split payments of PTW TOOL COIN TOKENS and cash.

Please allow up to 30 days from the time we receive your claim for any tools purchased using PTW TOOL COIN TOKENS to be processed and delivered to you. We do not  guarantee all tools are available at all times. We will contact you if we are unable to supply your selected tool.

Talk to your distributor or sales representative if you have any questions or Contact Us.

Why are you still here? Get collecting with these Eligible Products

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