90° Mini Sander Polisher 18pc kit


0.5HP High Performance Motor
50mm & 75mm, 1/2 Turn “n”  Lock

Free speed 7,100 rpm
Air pressure 90psi
Noise: 80 dB
Weight: 1.85kg

Every workshop should have one!

Clean off gaskets, Grind welding, Remove rust, Strip off paints, *Polishing of headlights and paints.

Replacement surfacing discs, backing pads, clean & strip discs, polish sponges and backing pad conversion kits all available.

*Polishing pad conversion kit required to use as a polisher. Polisher Conversion kit # MG-PPK75

1x 90° Sander
1x 50mm Rubber Backing pad (1/4″ NC20 Thread)
1x 50mm Blue (Fine) disc
2x 50mm Red (Medium)disc
2x 50mm Yellow (Coarse) disc
1x 75mm Rubber Backing pad (1/4″ NC20 Thread)
1x 75mm Blue (Fine) disc
2x 75mm Red (Medium) disc
2x 75mm Yellow (Coarse) disc
1x Spindle adapter
2x Spanners
1x Blow moulded case
1x Nitto style connector

Clean & Strip Discs also available
50mm & 75mm Clean & Strip Discs

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